Working with companies to plant trees in the Usambara Mountains

By partnering with Friends of Usambara Society we can work together to restore a greener world and enhance human and planetary well-being. Supporting our tree planting and education projects offers a very powerful way to motivate and engage your employees, as well as your suppliers and customers. It can also present a simple cost-effective way of enhancing well-being in the communities where you operate. We can provide a bespoke programme of support tailored to the needs and geographical spread of your business. Our tree projects and other more community projects enable you to demonstrate your commitment to responsible environmental management, build strong relationships with local communities, and help your drive towards carbon-neutral operations worldwide. Friends of Usambara Society seeks to enter into partnerships with companies and organizations that share our mission and values. We will, therefore, work with companies that:

  • are involved in environmental improvement
  • promote sustainable Tourism development
  • invest in their local communities via education, training, healthcare and water management and other more projects.

We will not enter into a partnership with a company or organisation whose work contradicts our mission or poses a reputational risk.